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PosterĄG Yuki Hung at 11:45:24 12/4/97 from c550-11.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

After reading the five poems,I liked the poem
"Harlem" most. The poem described a harlem's sadness.
In America, there are still many things unequll to
Negro.Many white people still look down Negro and
are ashamed of being with them. What is the American
dream? The dream is everyone can have equll rights
and live peacely together. Although the American
Constitution had a rule that everyone has equll
rights to live,work,and have propersity. However,
the black men still can not be treated equally. Now,
it is the most seroious problem in America.
The author of the poem is a black man himself.In
this poem , he mentioned "the old lies."What did
he mean? I thought he meant the American Consistituion's
first rule~everyone has equll rights. He compared
himself as being in the edge of hell. How sorrow
he was. He expressed his dissatification by the
poem.He said they never could get job,just because
they were colored.The sentence made me so sad. His
words filled with sorrow and compliment .The poem
touched me very much.Because the author seemed to
described his own life. Therefore, I could feel
his affaction. If I were him,I must would be more
depressive than him.


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