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As I know,hte Harlem zone's inhabitants are most
Nigros,and they're not rich.Though they've lived
in America,they still have American dreams untill
now.They want to reach the equal standard as other
white people in America,like soical position,his
own automobile,a nice looking house with a pretty
garden and so on.The people in the zone always
want to shake off their poor life.So,I think the
auther's American's dream is bout this.
In my thought,Harlem is a place full of African
American culture.That's a zone full of creativity
,many fashion things come from there,like their
dance,that's famous in the world.But I don't know
where Harlem is.I think the auther's attitude
toward African Americans and the American dreams
is not optimistic.He used the disgusting words in
his poem,like"sore","rotten meat",and there is
only one opposite words like"syrupy sweet".So,
through the poem let me feel that's helpless,but
it does'nt means there's no hope in Harlem at all,
at least there is a ward "sweet"in this poem,maybe
it suggest that there's still a hope,but it's tiny
.In the last few sentences,the auther said that
the heavy road sags,I don't understand why heavy
road could sag like that.Ifthe road is ment to the
Harlem,it'll be a terrible thing.That'll mean no
survivors,andthe Harlem zone will be a deathly
stillness places,there is no hope for those people
,and their American dream will be a difficult way.


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