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This poem showed much sorrow of African-
Americans who lived in the Harlem. The writer
expressed his thoughts and dreams in the poem,
although the words he used were a little bit
disgusting. Actually, I don't know where the dream
of Americans showed, did they want to expel the
people who live in the Harlem? Is that their dream?
After I read this poem, I realized the writer's
feeling---passive and dissapointed about the bad
comunication between the whites and the blacks.
The people lived in the Harlem was just like
the raisin in the sun because they have much
little space to live. All the people around them
were the whites--- maybe racists they are. They
didn't show any respection toward the Harlem's
people, just because of their skin color and their
looks. The writer connected the relationship
between African Americans and the Americans
through those four questions in the middle of the
poem, they showed the contract between two races.
They lived together but not fairly; they have
different standard from many respects---even the
living region.This poem showed many comparisons
indirectly, and it used much disgusting expression
such as "fester like a sore; stink like rotten
meat". All of them let me fell not only sick but
also sad for the racial discrimination.I would
grieve to the extent of wishing to die if I lived
under that bad situation.
I agree with the student who wrote those
analysis, and I don't understand either why the
writer said "syrupy sweet"? Does it really mean
the end of the poem and the condition became
better than the front part of the poem? And why
did the writer put"explode"at the end of it?
The student analyzed much carefully than me, and
he knew the structure very well. He was a nice
example for us to learn the steps of analyzing a
poem, he found out that there were two questions
in the first and the last lines;there were four
other kind questions,why did the writer arrange
this poem like that?
I am sorry that I didn't work hard on this
poem because I can't understand the poem very well,
and I didn't go deep into it. If I wrote the
journal badly, please tell me the shortcoming of
it and give me some ideas or suggestions about the
poem,O.K? Thank you!!


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