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Introduction to literature
Journal for " Harlem "
The arrangement of the poem is quite poundersble .
When reading the first line , I felt as if I was reading some un-noticed headline of some forgotten article . A dreamed differed ? Some lost kid returned to the society and carried out his dream finally ?
In the second stanza , we found that the deferred dream is still deferred , as if it would be deferred forever . And during the process of deferring ( or being deferred ? ) , the dream become more and more like a dream , more and more unreal , more and more like a nightmare , till the nightmare become the real life . ( " or crust and sugar over - like a syrupy sweet ? " seems to hint that one finds out the real situation -- the discordance of one*s inside and outside . )
The pace in the third stanza seems to slow down ( maybe it just sags / like a heavy load . ) .
But then , the usage of the italic words in the 4th stanza changes the pace suddenly into trembling sounds , and creates a terrifying image - would the dream explode ?

We can extend the poem into more details : a person without dream ¡÷ produce dream ¡÷search for dream ¡÷struggle for dream ¡÷ and then *. no more dream .
But why should the dream of an African American be deferred ? Let*s look directly at the real situation . Harlem is a place of hopelessness , a place one can*t never see American dream exists ( we can figure out all kinds of explanations : racial discrimination , self-deterioration , one can*t bear the suppression and the never-ending frustration *.) . So the deferred dream would then become miserable ( though there just assumptions , but why are there only negative words appearing ? A drying-up dream , a festered dream , or a stunk dream ? )
Maybe 3 possible results of the dream can be related to each other , but also , they can exhibit their own independently . The first one is the completely change in nature ( the second stanza ) - only a beautiful appearance , covering the rotten inside . The second situation is the completely giving-up , no more insistent on the fulfillment of the dream , like gardener*s lying waste garden and letting weeds grow , till the garden become a burden ( the 3rd stanza ) . The third situation is the disappearance of the dream , like the explosion of the balloon , letting go the air into the air , till no one can recognize the original any more ( the 4th stanza ) . The dream vanishes , so does the person , as if he never comes to the world .


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