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Journal on "Harlem"
Harlem is a place where black people live together in New York U.S.A. It is a famous place of danger, most of the white man are afraid to go there. This is a place of presenting the racial discrimination.
As the speaker is a black man himself, in this poem he encourage the African Americans not to give up their dream or we can say hope, especially in the modern world where people are looking at them as some dum person. Maybe
their dream is deferred, but not disappear. Dream may have been broken once but it is not forever. Maybe some of their dream is "dry up like raisin" not too bad. Maybe some of their dream is "stink like rotten meat" being worse.
Maybe some of their dream is"like a syrupy sweet" being so sweet.Maybe some of their dream is "sag like a heary load" Maybe some of their dream have "explode" being grown biger and biger.
For this poem it consists mostly of question, I think it is because it can help the reader to think what their dream is really like. And leading the reader to respond the speaker. Actually, I think the question itself is an
answer to the first question"what happens to a dream deferred?". The effect is that it really communicate the speaker and the reader.
The connotation of "American Dream" to me is free, fair , happy ending, rich, and hope. Ithink this is what everyone wants including the African Americans. Although they are in America, their dream have not all come true.
As I have mention, dream can be hope, so I guess that the speaker here is asking his own kind of people not to give up hope at all. Because there is many possible way to get sucessed. Although they have face trouble now!
Journal on "In a station of the Metro"
This poem have only two lines. The first image I got in the fdirst line is that there is many beautiful faces in a crowd of people. The speaker use the word "apparition" instead of "beautiful". I think is because "apparition'
sound more mystery, that mean the faces is not only beautiful but also mystery. The second image I got in the second line is that there is some pretty petals which lay in a wet, black bough. I think it mean there is some pretty lady
which lay in a cold, lonely world. I think like this is because the words petals in connotations always means weak but beautiful lady,and the words wet in connotations iscold, cool, disturbing, rain, frosty,......., the words black in connotations is
dark, horror, lonely, alone, sin....
The relationship between two line is that the second line is giving more detail to explain the first line.
After reading this poem for few time, I discover that the spealcer wants to tell us his suggesting about life in the modern world. He think kthat the modern world may seems to be cold and lonely, and out of color, but we people live in the modern world
can be give color to the world. Just like "Petals give color to the bough"


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