Journal about Harlem

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Journal about Harlem
Harlem is the area in New York where the blacks live. The poem is about racial relationship between the whites and the blacks.
The poem make me think about Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a clergyman and his ancestors were slaves, and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He protested against the segregation and other social injustice. He had delivered a famous speech "I have a dream" and also organized many marches and took many steps to save his black brothers and sisters. Dr. Martin's speech told the dream of all the blacks that the wonderful equal world that they are long for. The speech might influence many poets who wrote poems about racial issue in the 60's.
According to the background of Langston Hughes, we know he was an African-American and he had spent a period of time living in Harlem. When he was a child, he was taught that the whites were noble and always better than the colors. He might want to be a member of the white, but he knew that's impossible and that's just a dream. Therefore, he used the word " dream " instead of the word " hope. " But I guess that he still wanted that one day the dream can be come true, so he used the word " deferred "to mean that just postponed.
In the poem, he might suggest that the black couldn't get rid of their misfortune for the time being at least. A raisin is black as the Negro, and its misfortune in the sun is just like the poor Negro. The disgusting words like fester, sore, stink, and rotten give us the bad image to think their misery. Delicious crust and sugar are sweet dream, and they want to find a sweet land of liberty as Dr. King delivered in the speech. The black are still slaves to carry the heavy load of cotton no their back.
Racial discrimination has existed for a long time not only in America. Colored people only want pursues the equality with Caucasian pattern, and that's also the American dream - to live in harmony with respect. How to solve the problem is still a big problem.


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