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Dear Ray:
First, I want to apologize for the late journal.
because I don't have computer and I can't go to the
computer center for taping my journal. So I have to ask
my classmate to help me to send the journal. But she
forgot to do that. So I have to go to my friend's home
to rewrite my journal.This is my problem. I just want
to do the "on-line" journal. Sorry, I am very sorry for
that! Please forgive me!

Poetry(5): modern world
Langston Hughes:" Harlem"

The structure of this poem is very special.
It starts with a question and ends in a question too.
The first line is isolated. It leads to the following
sentences which seem to answer the question. The 3
following stanzas also consist of many questions.
The second stanza has 7 lines with 4 questions.
They respond to the first question. And the third
stanza just a single has two lines. The most particular
sentence is the last line. it is just a single line and
italic form. The sentence of this poem are not very
long. But they are so stright and meaningful.

The first question mentions the dream about Africa-
American people because of the title "Harlem". Then the following
stanza seem tto respond the question. There is a very
intresting situation. The stanza also uses the questions to be
the answer, for example: "raisin in the sun", " a sore"
"rotten meat", and "syrupy sweet". Three of them are something
which would make people feel sick. But the last one- syrupy sweet
is the comparison with the three nauseating comparison.
At the first, the poet seems to be disappointed about the dream,
a dream festering and strinking, However, he seems to change his
point of view about the dream. The dream seems not too bad at all.
He becomes a little optimistic and has some of confidence
in the dream again.
Although, these answer written in the question form, they also
give some kind of positive respondences. In the third stanza, the
poet gives us another answer. He used the word " maybe" to express
the reflection of the last two sentences of the second stanza. The
lastsentence also separated from others, looks like the first line.
It is very special because of ias italic form. The poet seems that he
want to emphasis the sentence and make the readers to pay attention.
The poet always gives us the choices for the first question-
" Does it like something or not, or others?" So the last line starts
with the word "or" -"Or does it explode?". On another hand, thought the
sentence is a question, it seems already answer the main question-
the dream explodive. No matter what happens to the deferred dream,
readers don't need to guess at all. Because the problem of the dream
would explode by itself. The last line gives us a direct impression.
All questions make us think about the dream - the issue of Africa-American
people's life. There a lot of Africans come to America for seeking the
wonderful life, the beautiful dream. In fact, they have to face many
problems, such as the discrimination of white people or adaptation of
new environment. Some of the problems had changed better already. But
there are stiil a lot of problems going worse and worse. By the short
sentences , the poet expresses the problmes had existed long time but
people seem to have no feeling.

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