the journal of those winter sundays

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The Journal of Those Winter Sundays
I think the speaker of this poem is a man because he is talking about his personal experience in his children. The speaker who is a man recalled getting alone with his father when he was a child. As for his relationship with his father is about his father's personality. Probably his father's status is higher than his, so their relationship is so conservative and traditional that he can't keep on good term with his father. And his father is also a solemn man. Maybe this is, what we called, generation gap. Owing to this reason that we can realize what " The chronic angers of that house" means. His father's solemnity is full of the house. I guess the speaker feared his father so much that he speaks indifferently to his father, and always has a sense of fear. Anyway, I think his father is not good at expressing his own feelings. Even if he loves his son, he will not tell his son" I love you or I care about you." However some people will think Father like a firm wall which is hard to come close. I think that the last two lines may show the speaker's repentance. Why he can't realize his father's affection for him earlier. The speaker repented" What did I know, what did I know" in order to let us know how remorseful he is. He think himself so ignorant that he can't feel about the love and care from his father although the love is so invisible. We can know that he learned about the love from his father according to many sentences. For example, his father sat fire to warm the house for him not to feel cold; his father polished his "good" shoes as well. Bath of those can appear the love and the care of his life. From the paragraphs of what the port wrote about, I also can figure out that the speaker can know his father's love.


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