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An metapher is an imginative way of describing something else which has the qualities that you want to express. In this poem, the speaker makes a lot of metaphers, such as, "I am a riddle", "an elephant and a ponderous house", "a melon" and so on.
A riddle is a puzzle or a joke in which you ask a question that seems to be nonsense but which has a clever or amusing answer. The speaker says she is a riddle, it may mean that nobody understands her because a riddle is not easy to understand. Therefore, there are so many things described in this poem, it makes readers confusing.
In this case, she is like an elephant, a ponderous house or a stage that is controlled by someone. She is not being herself but being the one who is expected by others. In some lines, she says,"I am a means, a stage, a cow in calf, I have eaten a bag of green apples." It seems that she is forced to do something that she does not want to do. I feel that she wonders where the balence is. The balence between her and other people. But she still can not find it out. In the final line she says --there is no getting off. It means she is still caught by the situation she is in, with resignation because she can not find a exit for herself.


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