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"Disillusionment of Ten O'clock"
This poem is describling about the people in the houses and a sailor who is different from them. I think they hint somebody who were in our society. That is similar to 'A&P' the customers and that three girls.
In this poem, I think the people in the houses is the same meaning as the customers in 'A&P'. They obey the society just like everyone else, they lifes are regular and bore without any special business. They do the same things every day. In the first first line of the poem, it says 'The houses are haunted'. I think that is because it is ten o'clock and then is the the people's regular time to sleep, so the families stopped their talking, watching,etc. They will turn off the light, the houses are dark and there without any vitality and they wear their nightgowns go to sleep because all the people wearing the white nightgowns without any color. They seem lose their activity and look like ghosts, so the speaker thinks that the houses are haunted.
The people wear the nightgowns which are white. I think that white means common because it is the original color and it has no special meaning such as other color. For instance, red gives people a hot, dangerous, passion and powerful feeling. Black makes us feel darkness, fear, mistery and yellow leaves a old, tradition impression to us. So every color has their own meaning. The speaker says the people wear the white nightgowns which are not colorful because they don't want to show themselves, they wanted to be a common person in this society like others. I think that they are satisfied they life and they don't want to have change. They just like the speaker of 'I'm Nobody! Who Are You?'. She wanted to be a nobody than a somebody.
Then the speaker said 'People are not going ot dream of baboons and periwinkles." Baboon is a large African or Arabian monkey with dog like face. Its appearance is different from monkeys. It has its special face and it is bigger than them. Periwinkle is a kind of evergreen plant with trailing stems and blue or white flowers. It is always green such as it will not die. The people not to dream of baboons because I think they prefer being baboon to a monkey because they think baboon is special, they do not want to be special, so they never dream of baboons. On the other hand, they do not dream of periwinkle for they expected people always will die sometime and they are not going to prevent it. Human are not the periwinkle, they will always green such as never die.
After that the speaker mentioned a sailor who is different to the people in the houses. He sleeps in his boots instead of the bedroom after drinking. The speaker also say he catches the tigers. That shows him more different from the people. Tiger is a fierce animal, it was the emeny of human because they are farmful to us. So no one dare to catch them because they are too dangerous to near. The sailor could catches tigers, he must be very brave and strong in adventure. He conquer many formidable encounters finally he catches the tigers under the dangerous hardship. The speaker says he catches tigers in red weather. I think 'red weather' means the dangerous hardship. That is the most different thing between the sailor and the people.


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