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Obviously, the speaker sat in the classroom and listened to the astronomy class. Although the lecturer quiet enjoyed his teaching, supporting as much information as possible-the charts, the diagrams, the proofs, the figures and so on, the speaker would rather to go out to appreciate the beautiful sky. It was true that the science evidence proved many things about astronomy. However, the numbers with no affection made the speaker feel boring. He imagined he was slipped out, wandering beneath the silent sky, breathing the mystical moist night-air.
This poem is very romantic, especially I am a student, and I often have the same feelings about some classes. Once in a while, I have to be in the boring classes, the teacher lectures in a serious way, it is better for me to do something else though I know I show no expect to the teacher. If the teacher requires strictly, I have no choice but suffering. It is real painful! In fact, I think the so-called " boring class" means the way the teacher teaching, there is no useless class that we have to be in. What's more, in the college, students have more freedom to take the courses they are interested in, there must be less situation like I mention above, I just share my terrible experience during my high school life.
As to the form of this poem, I notice that the line 3 and line 4 are much longer than others are. I guess the reason is the poet wants to make the atmosphere that the long lines let the readers feel tired easily, so they will have the same feelings which is described in the next line. In this way, the readers become the members of the class who sitting near the speaker, they understand how the speaker feel. Then the speaker's mind fly outside, the readers' also be leaded to realize the secret of the blue, black, deep night which hangs twinkling diamonds. So romantic, don't you agree?


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