Journal 3

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When I Heard The Learn'd Astronomer

The speaker in this poem was having a astronomy lecturer. Astronomy is about something in the universe or in the sky. The lecturer the speaker heard were about all the theoretical thing about the astronomy. All the lecture were filled with proofs, figures, charts, and diagrams etc. Maybe we can find out that the speaker is a romantic and emotional people, so later he felt tired and went outside to looked the beautiful stars.
We can see from line 1 till line 4, the length of the sentences were became longer and longer. In my opinion that it reflects that the boring lecture make he felt too tired and sick to heard. Maybe at first, he was quite interested in astronomy because he thought it was about the beautiful sky and the unknown universe. So we can see the length of the first line is not long. I think it is a reflection that he expected the lecture and was excited about it. But when he heard the astronomer taught were all about something very theoretical and uninteresting, he was quite disappointed and became sick and tired. ( As we can see that the length become longer in every sentence). Although other people quite enjoyed the lecture, he decided to went out the lecture-room with much applause.
When he went out, he felt and breathed the mystical moist night-air. This is quite different from the atmosphere inside the lecture-room. The room is crowded with applause and people maybe. So if that is the case, the air in this room must be sultry and uncomfortable. I think the moist night air is a symbol of the opposite way of the lecture-room. And why does the speaker look in "perfect silence"? I think it also contrast with the lecture-room. The lecture-room was noisy because of the applause. So everything he encountered outside were different from the astronomer's lecture.
Outside the room, everything is so romantic and perceptual as an art. The stars in the sky just as many beautiful small jewels separated in a dark
and mystical field. We can as the speaker enjoy and relax under it. I think everything out of the door are beautiful and vital. But when the speaker entered the door, everything changed into dull, theoretical and boring.
In my opinion, nature is a kind of arts. Nature is around us and get much closer to us than the theory. Art and nature are all the beautiful things. And I think science as the astronomy is totally opposite of nature and art. Science is based on theory. But nature and art are based on our imagination and creativity. Under the nature and artistic world, we can have more space for us to imagine and create and enjoy ourself.


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