A Journal for Poetry (3)

PosterĄG Maggie Pan at 9:50:22 11/20/97 from c550-25.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

The poem I read is "When I Heard the Astronomer. " After reading the poem, it seemed that I can totally understand how the speaker felt .As a student, sometimes I feel bored and not interested in what the teachers said on class just like the speaker " became tired and sick" when listening to the astronomer's speech.

In the first four lines, the speaker gives we readers a hint that he was not attracted by the astronomer's lecture. Especially in the second and third line, the sentences are much longer than other ones in the poem and there are words such as
"proofs," " figures," "columns," "charts and diagrams " which are put together to express a kind of pressure and complication.

There is a contrary I found in the poem. When the speaker felt tired
of the speech given by the astronomer, he glad out of the lecture-room where the
astronomer lectured with " much applause" and looked up in "perfect silence " at the
stars. It suggests that the noisy sounds of applause and lecture are disturbances to
feel and appreciate the power and beauty of nature.
If we regard the lecture as a kind of art , it can be touched in forms of
charts , diagrams and so on. But the speaker use the word "mystical" to describe
the night-air, it may suggests that power and beauty of nature is mysterious and
also invisible.


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