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Among Five poems, I choose one poem,"I saw in
Louisiana a live-oak growing, to write my journal.
The first image of this poem is a live-oak tree
growing without any companion in Louisiana. Whan I
read the sentence "And its look, rude, unbending,
lusty, make me think of myself." I think that the
speaker may be very melancholy at that time. Iimage

that he studied or traveled far away from home and
he was lonely. In my opinion, the oak tree was the
inflection of the speaker himself. I think the main
idea of this poem ia about growing up. Everyone has
his own way to go throuhgh his life. During the
process, We may meet many troubles. We may get
frustrated again and again. Sometimes we may even
want to give up. But as long as we hold on to the
end just like the oak tree, no matter how difficult
it is, How lonely you fell, we can overcome it and
become grown up and inependent. I fell the speaker maybe
doubt himself. He thought that he coult not live
alone without any companino near. In reality,
I think the speaker is not alone. There are still
someone far away, his families and friends,
thinking of him and supporting him. "The speaker
broke off a twig with certain number of leaves on it, and twined
around it a little moss." What did he do that for? I think that he wanted to use it to encourage himself. When he saw this twig, it make him think of manly love. He should be independent and courageous as a mature man. How is the speaker different from the oak tree? From these sentences, "But Iwondered, How it could utter joyous leaves standing alone there without its friends near, for I know I could not." I think the difference between the oak tree and the speaker is that the oak tree can live alone very well. Even without any companion near , it grew there uttering joyous leaves with dark green. Compared to the oak tree, the speaker is not so independent as the oak tree. He could not bear loneliness. He want to have friends near him.
This is my first time to write a journal for poems. If different people have different thoughts about poems, are there right answers for the questions you give us?
Do you remember this is my lost journal for the first five poems.
I've handed in my writing journal, but I still want to practice
write it on line. Now I do it successfully. Ya!!!


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