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The journal of a noiseless patient spider
The speaker used a spider as a metaphor for himself. A spider which lunched forth filament resembles the speaker who explored his aptitude for every kind of occupation. In the " Introduction of the author ", he did try many different vocations. So I thought Walt Whitman wrote the spider to replace himself, but actually the spider was himself.
The spider concentrated on his spiting filament without any interruptions. He was isolated, lonely, and silent. He kept on working with patience and had a strong will to complete it.
Why is the second line so much longer than the first line? I think such arrangement wants to emphasize the image of the spider. So the first sentence is shorter than any other sentences. And the other reason may be because the first sentence stands for the spider itself, and the other sentences are the gossamer. The longer sentences are like filaments.
The speaker*s soul is like the spider in exploring the vast surrounding. The speaker also wanted to seek his own aim. He always does some mental activities such as musing, venture about people*s brains to develop many aspects of himself. The spider hunts for the food just as the speaker seeks his aim.
I can see similarities and parallels between the stanzas such as "A spider and my soul", "Where it stood and where you stand", "tireless and ceaselessly".
Now I want to talk more about the little promontory. I think the promontory may be a rest spot for the next goal or it means that the speaker is restricting in a small place now, and he wants to enlarge the field of his vision. As for the world " isolated", I have an idea about it. Does it mean that a poet's idea or thought is hard to be understand? If the answer is yes, the poet must be very lonely unless he or she can find an intimate friend. Probably the speaker*
's aim is to find such a friend. And finally I know that he finds what he wants. Probably passing through so many vacations, he chose that taking such occupation as a poet at last.


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