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PosterĄG Yuki Hung at 12:19:10 11/13/97 from c550-2.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

After reading the five poems.The poem called
"A noiselessly and patient spider "impressed me
deeply.What is the spider engaging in?Like other
spiders,it's launching forth filament out of
itself.In my opinion,spiders are a kind
hard-working insect.However,I don't like it very
much,because it often symbolizes evil mystic power.
Why does the author describe a spider in the poem?
Maybe some special qualities of the author are
like spider's,for example,noiselessly and patient.
If I were going to compare myself,what animal
would I choose?I guess I will choose hores.
Because I think I like to be free and go out to
play. Just like a horse without ropes.
In the poem,we can find what's the author's
feeling about spiders.In his opinion,the spider
was always launching forth filament out of itself .
noisely and patiently.
What kind people are like the spider?A person
who is active and always busy to make his dream
come true,just like a ceaselessly musing spider.
The author seems to express the spider's another
special feature is never give up.When a gossamer
thread is finished,there often comes a person or
another animal to spoil it.But the spider doesn't
feel disappointed.They try to make more and more
gossamer threads.When we meet troubles,we often
give up right away.If we have perseverance as much
as spiders,we would be succesful.
The poem"I 'm nobody!Who are you?" is Emily Page's
work.In other words,the poem was written by a
female writer.In the short poem,there appeared "you",
"us"and "they". In my opinion,"you" meant the
reader.The writer seemed to want to invite the
reader jump into the poem with her,so she used
"us"later.She probably was a shy but playful adult.
Why do I say so?Because in the poem written "Don't
tell,it's like a tune by a shy child.
There were many special words in the poem,for
example,"banish,"it's usually used in king's court
Could you the "you" in the first stanza be the
"somebody"in the second stanza?Yes.the writer asked whether the reader is nobody or so
asked whether the reader was nobody or somebody .
In the author's opinion,she thought that being
somebody was how a dreary thing.Therefore,we could
image that the author liked to be a nobody not
a public people.She made a metephor that a public
person was like a Frog.How deeply she didn't want
to be a public person!
Does the speaker seem different between the
first and second stanza?Yes.In the first stanza ,
the speaker seemed to be happy that she was
delight because she was nobody.In the second stanza,
she seemed to be dreary when she thought if he or
she was a public person.~the end.^_^


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