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Journal on "A Noiseless Patient Spider"
Indeed, the spider always seems to be quiet and motionless. The description of noiseless, patient spider fits the traits of a spider from the opinion of we readers.
A promontory is a cliff that stretches out to the sea, but in the stanza, it should be a little corner that is dangerous. The spider is all alone and distance away from others. The independent spider seems to be surveying the wide, unknown surrounding. The spider is doing its job continuously over and over again mending cobwebs. The spider is reserved, patient, independent, studious and determined.
The second line starts the systematic activity of the spider. Maybe the front line is the moment the spider was seen and the second line onwards the activity.
The second stanza, the speaker turns to talks to himself, or say his soul. The soul of the speaker here is just like the spider. Firstly, the surrounding where the soul is standing is "in measureless oceans of space", his soul is also isolated by having spaces as barrier. The more important thing is the activity both the soul and the spider engage in coincide. The soul of the writer is either speaking or writing his own thought. This seems parallel to the spider which "launch'd forth filament", both from the character itself. The soul careful and patient "seeking the spheres to connect them" just like description of the spider at the first stanza. Both activities continue.
The last two line of the third stanza uses "Till the bridge......" "Till the gossamer thread......" as a hope for the thought of the speaker's soul to be accepted. Why? Firstly, the speaker's soul is so involved in the activity of expressing his thoughts, however due to the obstruction from surrounding he is being isolated. However, he needs responses by others for his thoughts, thus he carries on with his activity, learning from the spider to be patient, industrious as the spider. He believes that there should be a day when his soul is to see the " bridge......formed.", this shows an establishment of communication whereby his thoughts could be used as interaction with others, as the last line explains clearly this idea "Till the gossamer thread your fling catch somewhere, O my soul."
The speaker seems to be engaging in activities (his thoughts) that are not so accepted by others, thus he takes the spider as a role model, hoping that with patience, he would be able to overcome the dissatisfying situation.


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