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PosterĄG Cathy Chen at 11:26:33 11/19/97 from c550-29.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

" I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." The speaker of this
poem compared himself to be a cloud in line one. Clouds
are lonely, they flutter to anywhere in the cosmic sky.
Besides, they have no companion, and they have no
concrete destination to drift to. That is to say that
they don't know where they will be in the next moment.
I think the speaker feels lonely and even lack of
security. As a result, he compared himself to be
a cloud, which there is no anchorage for it to stop
and rest for a long time. I think the speaker was lonely
and melancholy in the beginning.
The poet chooses daffodils to personify in this poem.
I think this is a contrast to the speaker. Daffodils
are very happy in this poem. They grow besides the lake,
beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
However, the speaker wondered lonely as a cloud.
In stanza one, the daffodils are together with
breeze. In stanza two and three, they are in harmony with
"milky way" and "waves". These are all aspects of
nature. There are also many words in this poem have the
same meaning as "happy", such as "sprightly","glee",
"gay", "jocund", "bliss", and "pleasure". Why?
Is it a suggestion? The poet want to indicate that
the more you contact with nature, the happier you will
be. This is my opinion, does it make sense?
In the beginning of this poem, the speaker wondered
lonely as a cloud, then he kept an eye with his
surrounding. Maybe from that time on, he strated to
open his inward eye, his heart, and he also changed
his world which were dark and lonely originally
little by little. I think it is the powers of nature
that makes the speaker change. Now he often feels happy
because he has a broader mind and sees the brighter
side of things.
In my opinion, Nature has some kinds of magic powers.
If you make a deep breath in a forest, you will feel
better and relaxed. If you climb on the top of a
mountain, you can see wider and farther, and your mind
will also becomes broader. Nature is like a big treasure,
anything of it is worth to be noticed.
After reading over this poem, I think the speaker's
motivation is to tell us the powers of nature.


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