I Wandered Longly As a Cloud

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I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud
In line one the speaker says that he is
as a cloud . " I don*t think clouds are really
lonely. Maybe it is just because the gray color
makes people think of loneliness easily. Whenever
there clouds, people can hardly be in great
spirits and tend to associate something unhappy.
As a consequence, he uses metaphoric language to
express his loneliness.
I think that the poet choose daffodils and
describes them in a happy just because he also
wants to be as delightful as them. In this poem,
the speak doesn*t mention to other flowers so
maybe to him, daffodils are also lonely. But
actually daffodils still enjoy themselves. They
make good use of everything around them to join
there happy time. I suppose daffodils are one of.
the men that he wants to be or he also wants to
join them so that they can bring bliss to him.
In the second stanza stars join there happy time.
Ten thousand stars see them at a glance and the
sight is like that they say hello with each other
. Waves join in the third stanza. I think the
sparkling waves can be compared to sing songs and
it make the scene become much more harmonious.
In the last stanza, the speaker decides to
participate in daffodils. It means he has
forgot his solitude gradually and enjoy this
happy time. There are such words as sprightly,
glee, gay, jocund, bliss and pleasure having the
same meaning as "happy."
The speaker comes to realized that he has to find happiness himself instead of waiting it to come to him. He has to use the inward eye, the heart, to sense and fell the bright and happy sight of this world. He doesn*t have to complain that he is like a cloud because he can easily find any interesting things to accompany him. As a result, he often feel happy now.
This poem suggests Nature as a kind of strange
power. It can make people feel happy and
unhappy. For instance, clouds make people feel
lonely. Breeze, stars and waves, however, give
hope and comfortable feelings to them. In the
poem "Where I Heard the Learn*d Astronomer" the
author has similar feelings to this poem.
Nature changes both of there moods and leads
them to a better situation. The difference is
that Nature makes one feel happy and makes the
other feel peaseful.


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