I wandered lonely as a cloud

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"I wander lonely as a cloud" is the title as well as the first sentence. The speaker looks himself as a "lonely" cloud. He tries to express his loneliness, solitude, and isolation. A piece of cloud wanders in the sky, having no destination. Maybe it will soon disappear after the rain! "That floats on high o'er vales and hills," the cloud goes anywhere as the wind blows, it can't control itself! This somewhat gives me the idea that the speaker surrenders to his destiny; he doesn't go against the wind (his fate). "Vale" not only means valley but also means "the mortal world." The cloud looks over the vales means that he is "now" far away from the "human would."
Instead, he is close to nature at this time.
Suddenly, this cloud spots the "Golden." Golden means valuable, precious. The speaker looks up to those daffodils. But why not "ONE" daffodil, but "a host of " daffodils? In my mind, the speaker is trying to put emphasis on the cloud's " loneliness." The cloud is up there watching "a host of " daffodils enjoying themselves, it might feel lonelier! The daffodils are quite happy; they flutter and dance in the breeze, not like the cloud, going where the wind goes.
Even the stars are twinkling on the "Milky Way," which contains numberless stars. The cloud feels much lonelier. Then the waves join them, too. Even a poet could not be gay! A typical poet should be sentimental, emotional, melancholy and sensitive, but now the happy atmosphere effects the poet.
After this cloud saw all of these, it started to ponder. "I gazed-and gazed-" it seemed that the cloud is regretting for what it did before. "They flash upon that inward eye." The "inward eye" means the cloud's heart, or even the speaker's heart! "They" means some new ideas. What are the new ideas? It dawns on the cloud that it should be as merry as they are, no more vacant or pensive! Join them; dance with them.
Everyone is the "lonely" cloud wandering in the sky. Only when we get close to the nature can we feel sprightly, glee, gay, jocund, and merry. The daffodils mean the nature, they are golden, valueless; nothing can take its place. "And dances with the daffodils" means getting close to the nature. The power of nature is huge. It can turn a sentimental poet into a gay one. It can make lonely cloud join the dance as well.


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