I Wandered lonely as a cloud

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I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
The speaker imagines that he's a cloud, which is lonely in the sky. With the " cloud figure", the speaker can go easily to everywhere if he wants. This is a cheerful journey because the speaker uses many words that mean "happy". For example, "sprightly", "glee", "gay", "jocund" and "pleasure". Also the verbs have suggested the happy feeling, such as "dancing", "shine" and "twinkle". These words all give us an impression of what the cloud (the speaker) sees are all joyful, and this could be a contrast to the word "lonely".
The first thing the cloud meets is a crowd of golden daffodils. "Golden" can make us feel warm and think of glory. These splendid flowers are not alone; they're always in company with something, like lake, trees, and breeze. By the way, this kind of flower is presented in " a host" and "a crowd" form; that means they already have companions among themselves. The daffodil is not single.
Continuously, the lonely cloud meets " stars" which are not single, too. What's more, the stars are numerous which stretch in never-ending line(the sky). The speaker saw ten thousand of them only at a glance! The number of the stars is also a contrast to the lonely cloud.
In fact, clouds don't appear in a form of only one piece in the sky, so the speaker may want to express that he had ignored so many friends or he had devoted to pursuing wealth end fame too hard to make isolated from others. He may never be lonely in the outside world, but if he doesn't care about people around him or he just ignore them, he's then really lonely. In the last stanza, the speaker realized that when he feels lonely again, just imagine himself as a cloud and " dances with the daffodils"; to be a companion with the nature,. The nature could be anything in the world, including his friends. As long as he enjoys himself among friends, eyes will no longer be inward. That's why he call the clouds "the bliss of solitude" !


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