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"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
This poem is telling about the wonderful nature.
The speaker in line one mentioned that he is
"lonely as a cloud," I think that is because the
speaker always moved from one place to another by
himself without any scruple, any destination, just
liked a cloud, it could go wherever it wanted. The
places it went were no limit, no border. It was so
free but it was lonely too because there was
nobody would accompany with it. I think the
speaker also went everywhere without any
destination, so lonely as a cloud.
In the first stanza the speaker talked about the
daffodils. He said that he saw a host of golden
daffodils beside the lake, beneath the trees,
dancing in the breeze. He personified them because
he wanted to try to describe their feeling. He
thought that the daffodils were living happily and
they did not feel lonely liked a cloud because
there were many other native things accompanied
them such as wind, hills and waves and they just
liked the stars twinkling their golden body (cause
thet are yellow), tossing their heads joyfully.
The speaker mentioned the waves that beside them
also joined them. He admired them very much so he
used many happy words to describe the daffodils in
the poem such as sprightly dancing, twinkle, etc.
I think the purpose is telling us the beauty and
happiness of the nature. The speaker was please
after he saw the daffodils because he regarded
them as his friends, so in the third stanza he
said "A poet could not but be gay, In such a
jocund company," I think the words 'jocund company'
mean the daffodil and he to be friend with them
so he was not lonely again.
And in the last stanza, when the speaker was in
pensive mood, he saw the golden daffodils and such
a beautiful and happy sight, he forgot any
loneliness, so he felt that he was in the bliss
of solitude and he felt happy then.


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