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In the poem, the speaker said: " I wandered
lonelyas a cloud." I think must be someone who
was bewildered about his own life. Just like the
clouds that were constantly blown to different
directions by winds, from one place to another,
without a determinate destination. There was a
feeling of powerlessness in his words. He could
not help himself from being controlled by the
winds and he knew nothing about the future. All
what he could do was to keep wondering and seeking
unceasingly. Besides, the speaker was a lonely
person as well. As a cloud, he might come across
with other clouds and might join them during his
journey. But sooner or later, he would have to
leave his companies and be blown to somewhere
In a way, I think we are all clouds. Because
most of us have also experienced separation,
loneliness, void and situations which we can not
decide. Even though, we still have to go on with
our life on our own and we might spend most of the
time seeking for uncertainties. Sometimes we get
to know what we want through the search, but
sometimes we don*t. Fortunately, the speaker
belonged to the former ones. He found a cure for
his solitude that was a host of daffodils. These
golden daffodils were a strong contrast to the
speaker. They were crowded and were definitely
cheerful and energetic. For many words used to
describe them had the same meaning of *happy*,
such as: sprightly, glee, gay, jocund and bliss.
As a result, the sad tone of the speaker changed
and now there was only happiness in him: " A poet
could not but be gay, In such a jocund company."
In each stanza, the daffodils were always
joined with other aspects of nature. Such as the
breeze, the stars, the waves. All of them formed
a harmonious scene with the dancing flowers.
Maybe these natural companions were the reason for
why the daffodils looked so beautiful and happy.
Because I suppose they wouldn*t be the same if
they were planted in the city. Therefore it was
the nature that made them glad.
This poem was talking about the power of nature,
how it mitigates our vacancy and sadness by
bringing us peace and calmness. Many people are
too busy to pay attention to nature. But the
author, as a poet, knew the influence nature
causes on us better than any one else. Still more
, it was one of the most important resources of
his creations. He was not lonely any more for
nature was the best company he could have had.
However, he didn*t need to *own* nature having it
all to himself. Because he sensed and felt it
deep in his heart. Whenever he was sad, the scene
of daffodils came back clearly to his mind. This
simple memory satisfied him and make him company.
Then, after releasing himself from all vexation he
could only be gay and dance together with the
" In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils."
I think perhaps the daffodils are actually an
example for us to rich our heart. Because as well
as these golden flowers, accompanied by nature;
what we should do is to be with nature, feel it
and engrave it on our * inward eye*.

PS: Ray, I really am sorry for handing in so late
my journal. I hope you wouldn't pull my nails out.


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