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Jornal---I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

First, I have to apology for my late journal, it's all my fault .
I'm really sorryyyyyy....

In the first two lines, it makes me think that the speaker
is in a blue mood, he may feel lonely and unhappy, not know what
to do and how to color his life. As a result, he thinks
him as a cloud. As we know, a cloud is free, it can go anywhere,
appear in any shape. But in our eyes, it's lonely, too. A cloud
is always alone, it almost doesn't connect with others. We're not
sure that if a cloud feels lonely or not, maybe it enjoys its life,
but people often think it's lonely. In the third line, the speaker
begins to write about daffodils. As we know, daffodils are kind of
flowers which are usually yellow with a trumpet-shaped central
crown. Daffodils are really beautiful, they are with such a bright
color that they can catch many people's eyes. So, the speaker is
caught, too. After those daffodils' appearence, we
can feel that the poem becomes lively and active. To notice how
daffodils appear in each
stanza, we can find that in the first stanza, daffodils are with
breeze; in the second stanza,
they're with stars; in the third stanza, they're with waves.
Daffodils never appear in a lonely
way, they're in such harmony with nature. Because of daffodils,
the poem becomes so
attractive that I also feels how comfortable and pleased life is.
See, how many words have the same meaning of "happy"in the poem?
'Glee',' gay',' jocund' and 'pleasure' are all about
happy. So, daffodils moved the speaker. In the final stanza, we
can see that the speaker
realizes what life is and what life should be. I think that one
can't be happy unless he/she
really feels and realizes happy from his heart. So, even when the
speaker is alone in some
way, he doesn't feel lonely anymore. Or we can say that even if
there's nobody around the
speaker, he's not alone inside because of the "inward eye", so
he can dance with those
daffodils even they're not with him.


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