Journal on Porpyria's lover

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Lisa Chen 3/2
Journals on Porphyria*s lover
First of all, I think this is a quite odd poem. I still couldn*t
understand very clearly even I read it so many times!! So please forgive
me if you can*t understand what I*m talking about, okJ
I think in this poem, Porphyria seemed to be more passionate
and active. In the first of the part of the poem, she seems to be the
one take control and dominate. Such as "She shut the cold out and the
storm" "She put my arm about her waist, and made her smooth white
shoulder bare" "And, stooping, made my cheek lie there". I think maybe
the speaker killed her for this kind of attitude and character of hers.
From the poem, I can feel that the speaker is silent and inactive. Maybe
he is the type of person who doesn*t have confidence in himself and
view everything blue and gloomy. The speaker described the views that
night: the sullen wind was soon awake, It tore the elm-tops down for
spite, and did its worst to vex the lake*. Might all these descriptions
actually revealing his inner mood?
I think he is suffering from love. He loved Porphyria but was afraid
that love won*t last forever because he thinks that he doesn*t have the
power to keep her aside. In the speaker*s inner mind, he wants a

subordinate lover. Actually, I think Porphyria really loved this man. I
can see from the poem that it must be a tough trip for her to his cottage. "laid her soiled gloves by" "her hat and let the damp hair fall".
From all these descriptions I can feel that she would come to this man
she love no matter what happens, but it seemed that the speaker didn*t
really realized. The speaker think that Porphyria is just like a bee. She
can fly wherever she wants to, and she is free to love other people. And
the only way to keep her by his side is to kill her, as a shut bud that holds
a bee.
After he strangled her, he even think that she would feel pleased
by his action. He said " I warily opened her lids: again laughed the
blue eyes without a stain." In my personal opinion, I think he had
already gone insane when he said " that moment she was mine, mine,
fair, perfectly pure and good." So I think later on when he said that
the smiling rosy little head, it had only came out of his own imagination.
He also said that God has not said a word. It seemed that he is trying
to justify for this action.

To me, I think the speaker doesn*t really understand the definition
of real love, just like the Duke ( My last Duchess) and Emily. I remember

that I read a sentence in Prophet " Love gives not but itself and takes not
but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed. For love is
sufficient unto love." These people have a idea that the person they love
is their possession, but they are wrong. Even if you kill someone, it
doesn*t mean that you can surely get one*s heart!


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