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Porphyria's Lover
After reading this poem, I got shocked and scared at first. The speaker killed the woman, Prophyria, who he loved. But as we can see in this poem, the speaker told this matter in a calm and steady tone. I think he doesn't think what he did is wrong. Instead, he thought what he did is trying to keep his lover to be with him forever.
At the beginning of this poem, we can see that Prophyria seems has some kinds of power which can control the nature. For example "She shut the cold out and the storm". On the other hand, we can see at the beginning of the poem, the descriptions of the nature are quite horrible and gloomy. But after Prophyria appeared, all things changed. I think it is also because of the speaker himself. Prophyria is the woman he loved very much ( I believed he loved him crazily). So maybe when she came, he feel very warm in his heart even if it is cold outside. Such as in line 9, "Blaze up, and all the cottage warm". It seems that it is Prophyria's love made the cottage warm.
And at the first part of the poem, the description of their relationship gave us a clear idea. Prophyria in this part seems much superior than the speaker. The actions of hers are more active. For example: "She put my arm about her waist** stooping, made my cheek lie there... I looked up at her eyes.. Happy and proud". This make me think that the speaker can not compete with Prophyria. I think this is also the reason why he killed Prophyria. In this poem, I can feel that maybe he the speaker is not the only lover of Prophyria. So at last, because of his insane and crazy love, he killed her for he want her only be his.
I must admit that when I read "Three times her little throat around and strangled her" I really got shocked and stunned. The speaker remind me one of the character in "A rose for Emily". Emily as the speaker killed her lover only because she want him to stay with her forever. She slept with the dead body for several years. As we can see in the end of this poem " we sit together now and all night long we have not stirred". They are quite similar. I think both the speaker and Emily, we can not see that they regret for what they had done.
In this poem, all of the descriptions of Prophyria are described by the speaker himself. If we read the poem for the first time, I would feel that Prophyria seems "happy" to be killed. We can see at the end of the poem "No pain felt she I am quite sure she felt no pain*..". It seems that this "death" is good to her. But actually, we can finally tell that all of this feeling and description is told be the speaker. It is he who felt that Prophyria had no pain and be willing to be killed. He thought Prophyria "worship" him. I think in his mind, he thought that killing her is the way to "help" her. At the end of the poem, we can see there is a big change of their relationship. The speaker is much superior than Prophyria. He gained her even the "God" can not say a word. We can see that at the end of the poem, the speaker is more active than before. "Her cheek once more blushed bright beneath my burning kiss I propped her head up as before only this time my shoulder bore*.."
I think that the speaker of this poem is really insane and crazy. Because of his crazy love, he can not control himself. At last he killed her, Prophyria, without any regrets. This also may happen in our daily life. Sometimes we love something very much. Under this situation, we can not tell what to do is right or wrong. Maybe we are not as horrible as the speaker, I think the motive is somewhat the same.


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