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In the poem after death and Porphyria's lover, I think that at the beginning of the poem the speaker is telling the reader that she is dead. By saying that all the place is clean and that there are rosemary spread all over her "bed." But I much more sure that she is dead when the man came to her side and began to cry. At first she says that there are rosemary on her bed, well i think it is kind of sure to have rosemary spread all over your bed and second, when the man came, he first said "Poor child, poor child" i thought that he was trying to do soomething harmful or did it. And then he cried. May be this guy killed her or may be not. The words he said were very suspitious, maybe he said it because the woman didn't obey him so he kill him. But when I finished the poem i found out that all this are not true. Because he showed pitty on her. At the last line I very sure that she is dead because it says that she is cold and the man is warm. When you die your body turns cold.
There are one similarity between After Death and Porphyria's Lover. It is that both of them still love their lovers even they were dead. They both are beside their lover but there are lot of differences between the love of this two man. One is willing to do anything to get his lover's love, and the other is regret because he didn't actually appreciated his lover when she was alive but when she was dead. As i said before may be the man in After Death killed his wife. I am certainly sure that he will kill her to gain her love but for something else. Because at the last lines we see that the girl loves the man and she is happy the man love her again after her death. This two man are different because one has mental problems. He killed his lover and now he is sitting besides her, isn't it sick?
The speaker's tone is very complex, the speaker is very sad at the beginning, she saw how the man approached to her in sadness, how he cried. She felt sad of this illusions. But at the end her tone was totally changed from sadness to happyness, she was happy knewing that after her death. she finally found her lover's love back again.
May be the speaker has many feeling about her lover, at first she must think that he is a jerk because he didn't love her when she was alive. Then she is sorry becauses she found out that she was wrong, when she died she found out that actually the man loved her. The matter was that she didn't know that.
There will be agreat difference if the man can hear his lover's voice. First he will scare to death because a dead has talked to him. Seecond he will know how his lover's thinks about him. He probably will change and become a better lover. May be he will appreciate her more.


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