About [After Death]

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About ¡§After Death¡¨
The speaker seemed to have arranged everything before death. The surroundings that the speaker depicted were calm, peaceful, and tranquil. The speaker has early prepared to meet his fate---death. The speaker furnished perfect and favorite space to let him leave the world without any sorrow, desire, and demand. Nevertheless, what make me confused is why a person could leave the world freely and renounce what he had. Likewise, what does the word ¡§rushes¡¨ mean in the poem? Does it mean air or liquid flow floor suddenly and quickly? Or does it mean a strong experience of feeling or plants with long thin stems that grow near water? Moreover, ivy crept through the bed on which the speaker lay. Why did the speaker mention it? I guess that the speaker was dead for a long time.
¡§He¡¨, the silent listener, seemed to have a special and unique feeling about the speaker. ¡§He¡¨ said ¡§Poor child, poor child¡¨ to the speaker as a parental and sympathetic humanitarian comforted his child and was full of grief for his devoted child. Furthermore, ¡§he¡¨ didn¡¦t touch the shroud or raise the fold perhaps because he was afraid of to see the speaker¡¦s visage lest he was touched and not able to control his sensitive and sentimental emotions. However, ¡§he¡¨ did not love the speaker living. Why? I wonder that the speaker didn¡¦t have a desirable and blessed life when he was alive. And ¡§he¡¨ didn¡¦t abandon the speaker because the death instead of loving the speaker more deeply and truly. Therefore, his heart was warm, not cold and indifferent.


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