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Who are the listeners? I think the
answer is the dead soldiers. Maybe I am wrong.
Why I have the answer?? Originally, I think the
answer is the soldiers, but "alive." While
watching the relevant links, I found something!!!
"The whole thing is a monologue interieur that
takes place on Ulysses's death-bed. Thus he can
greet his dead sailors, and thus he can look
forward to exoloring the last great mysetry,
death." That's why I changed my answer. He
said that he is an idle king. To me, he feels
depressed, downhearted, and very blue. Perhaps
his enemy, the great Achilles, defeated him
several times. "I am become a name," what does
that mean? Does that mean he was a hero, and
everyone would mention him at anytime! He was a
hot shot! Well, I am just guessing. "Roaming
with a hungry heart." In my mind, he had a big
ambition, and that's why he had a hungry heart!
His gray spirit desires to follow knowledge like
a sinking star! But I am wondering, why not like
a shooting star??? Instead, he used "sinking star."
"Sinking" gives me a bad image. I bet sailors
definitely don't like this word, right? I just
don't understand why......
"Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'
Gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades"
The speaker is saying something important, but I
just can't understand these 2 lines.
I think the reason why he leaves the scepter
and the isle is that he wants to leave it to his
son, Telemachus. In the poem, Ulysses is getting
ready to fight the Trojan War and maybe he realizes
that he must leave behind his dear son, Telemachus.
And maybe Ulysses recognizes that he will die in
the battle and won't be around to coach and teach
Telemachus. So he leaves his son some works. While
he is gone, his son can still rule the country well.
"Souls that have toiled, and wrought......"
The soldiers are so tired, but they still have to
fight. "the deep moans round with many voices,"
does that mean the casualty rate is very high?
Their soldiers are hurt and killed.
I love the last five lines the most!!! Maybe
physically they are weak and powerless, but they
do have a strong willpower!! "To strive, to seek,
to find, and not to yeild." No matter how hard
this task will be, they will never stoop! How
moving this is!!!


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