after death

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In my opioion, although the speaker died, he still
can feel the world. Maybe he is eager to know some-
thing so he doesn't leave away. That is, people can't
leave without concerning something. From this poem
the speaker doesn't know that person love her. But
I think sometimes when you love others,you don't
need to tell or show to him(her).However, the speaker
doesn't realize.From the poem( he leaned above, thinking
that I slept. Came a deep silence, and I knew he wept.
...He pitied me; and very sweet it is. To know he still
is warm tho'I am cold. I consider that person love her
And he feels sorry for the speaker's death.Besides,
he feels heart broken. From the poem(He pitied me
and very sweet it is. To know he still is warm tho'
I am cold.) The speaker must be happy and feel warm
from his love. This poem is different from Porphyria's
lover. In Porphyria's lover, the speaker seems to
like death. Becaust he can own his lover thoroghly
but in after death, he doesn't want.I think everyone
has his way to show his love.But that is too strange.


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