[Porphyria]s Lover"

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The Journal for "Porphyria's lover"

When I first read this poem, I felt so astonished. It's such a queer poem. However, when I read it once more, I found out some of my personal ideas.
First, I think their relationship didn't reach a balance. What I mean is that perhaps Porphyria didn't love the man as much as he loved her. It gives me the idea that probably the woman didn't love him at all. In the poem, we never hear Porphyria's voice. Although the man described Porphyria's love for him in such a convincing way, I still don't believe what he said.
Second, I think the man took death as such an easy, beautiful, and calm thing. Perhaps he thought death is nothing. He always said how Porphyria loved him. Probably those were all his illusions. And he was so afraid that he would lose her; therefore, he killed her. In this way, she would never run away. And he can possess her completely. He didn't realize he had lost her absolutely.
Third, I feel the man has gone insane when he said, " Nor could tonight's gay feast restrain a sudden thought of one so pale. For love of her, and the idea of killing her." He couldn't get her love, but he still wanted to possess her body. Although it was dead!
In the poem, I think the man is like the horrible and wild wind in the first stanza. It said, " It tore the elm-tops down for spite" Like what I said before, the man couldn't get her love; so he had so much spite for her that he wanted to destruct and kill her. From " She shut the cold out andĄK." To " Murmuring how she loved me" maybe are all his illusions. If the speaker were Porphyria , probably she would said how she hates him and how long he had put up with him. Thus, I think the speaker's tone really affect the poem's feeling. The reader must think independently and thoroughly and then the theme of the poem will be revealed at the same time


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