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At the first time I read this poem, I feel very confuse. It contains a story within a story. I don't know what does the narrator means, and what does he want to tell me.
I was thinking he maybe wants to show us that things pass very fast, life pass very fast, too. No matter who you are a king or a worker, you can't save anything when you die, everything will come to nothing.
The narrator was told that there is a statue of Ozymandias in the desert, which the sculptor had let the shattered visage live long on the stone. Ozymandias was a mighty king, he did created much work, but his work had become some decay wreck. However, there is something left and it is the statue of him has left. The sculptor have made the statue very well, every passions of the king was stamped on the stone. Form the statue, we can tell, the king was an unhappy king " frown, wrinkled lip" and he was so straight to his people. Ozymandias was dead, and his enduring works had came to nothing. Everything is gone, but only the art was left tilled now.
From this, I can see that "history" and " art" will be the only thing that can survive forever. So maybe we should live for ourselves and try to leave something good to the next generation.

(She walks in beauty)
The speaker uses so many words of nature to describe the lady. It was told that the lady is so beautiful and so natural, she is too perfect.And she has let me think of Emily in " a rose for Emily". Emily is rich and she has got many things except love. Somehow she is too arrogance. Like this poem, she has many things, a beautiful face, which make the speaker ecstatic. However, she is kind of proud of herself. "The smiles that win, the tints that glow."
Everything, even the nature treats her kindly and tenderly. " One shade the more, one ray the less, had half impaired the nameless grace." Her characterized was so pure, it is seems like that she was grow in love and didn't face any problem before.
In this poem, the sound effects (e.g. open vowels "r" "I" and "m" sounds) give me the image of soft and poor. The lady is so soft and weak that she seems like can't face any problem at all.


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