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Journal for ˇ§ She Walks in Beautyˇ¨
In the poem ˇ§ She Walks in Beautyˇ¨ the speaker describes a woman who is almost perfect and beautiful for me. He uses some similes and images to describe this lady. For instance, he compares the lady to be ˇ§the night of cloudless climes and starry skiesˇ¨. He also says that her beauty is ˇ§one shade the more, one ray the less, had half impairˇ¦d the nameless grace.ˇ¨ She doesnˇ¦t have to make any change because she has already perfect enough as far as the speaker is concerned. We Chinese have a saying that women are always beautiful in her loversˇ¦ eyes. In another word, no matter how ugly you are, in your loverˇ¦s eyes you are always the most beautiful girl in the world unless he doesnˇ¦t love you anymore. As a result, I suspect if the lady is really the same as the speaker describes. If this is true, it seems to me that there is no male in the world who has the qualification to be her boyfriend. Let us think in this way, the lady is so pure and innocent like a nymph that no one dares to insult her. Every man just has the courage to regard her as his dream lover. In reality, their future couples will not the same as the lady in this poem. After all, to dream is one thing; to do is another. Furthermore, can you really picture a woman like the one in this poem? As far as I am concerned, if a woman is too beautiful, she will make me disgust. I am not jealous, and I donˇ¦t want to be too beautiful, either. In a word, the lady in this poem makes me think she is not a real person. Instead, she is more like a beautiful ghost in Chinese mythology.
I get the information in your homepage that the actual lady is in mourning and is Byronˇ¦s cousin. Maybe the speaker loves this lady secretly and he wants to express his feelings for her. Therefore, he wrote this love poem. I am not sure if there was a law that cousins canˇ¦t get married at that time. If there was, maybe the speaker knew that he would never get this beautiful lady so he just could express his love for her in the world of poetry. Here is another saying that things you canˇ¦t get are always beautiful.


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