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The questions for Ozymandia are very difficult because there can be many interpretation for this poem. In the first eight lines it talks all about the sculpture. It is totally destroyed, there are only two legs left in the sculpture. Beside this legs there is a face, it is almost covered by the sun. I think this must be from the sculpture in other words it must be the face of the legs the traveler is describing. In these eight lines also talks about the way the sculpture was done, it is a fine work because in the sculpture there is an expression. It looks like it is alive. Then in the following three lines it begins to talk about the power of this king. There is a pedestal with words written on it. By reading this words we can see how arrogant this king is, how powerful he "was" and how mighty he thought he was. The following lines are again shoeing how is the sculpture's estate.
We see that in this poem, the poem is trying to show us that there is something, which used to be respected, but now this thing is totally destroyed and no one would even bother to see this thing. In this poem I had found out that all living things are equal. No matter if they are mighty or no, if they are poor or rich, if they are good or evil. Humans or animals are all mortals, we will die someday no matter how much power we have we can not stop death, so as the great king of kings Ozymandias. He used to be a mighty king but now he is just a piece of dirt as the other kings are now.
I found this poem very meaningful because it teaches me things that I haven't thought about. Why people are ambitious, there wouldn't be an answer to it. I think that there is no need for people to try ruling each other and having war. In our history we have found out that there are many examples of great empires also collapses. It is like this poem. I think the poet is trying to show us that there is no need to be ambitious. Life will always end whether you like it or not.


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