After Death

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In the poem, the author seemed to describe her feeling of some man. She pretend herself was dead. Maybe she desired the manˇ¦s love very much. I am not sure who the man was. Maybe he was her father, or herlover. The author thought the man didnˇ¦t like her, and didnˇ¦t like her living. She thought he was cold. Because at the last sentence written that ˇ§he is still warm thoˇ¦ I am cold.ˇ¨ Apparently, the author cared the manˇ¦s feeling deeply. When she knew his pity of her, she felt sweet. But in my opinion, the man finally still didnˇ¦t show his love; he pitied the author just like pitied a dead animal. Because he only said ˇ§poor childˇ¨, he even didn't tear. If the man loved the author, he should beatt a little sorrow. But he didnˇ¦t. He just pitied her.
There were some differences between the poem with ˇ§I heard a Fly buzz.ˇ¨ First, the authorsˇ¦ moods were different. In the poem, the author was happy and felt sweet when she knew the man was still cared about her. But in ˇ§ I heard the Fly buzz,ˇ¨ the authorˇ¦s mood was sadder and felt incredible. Besides, in the poem, the authorˇ¦s soul was still in her own body, so she can still hear what the man said. However, in ˇ§ I heard the Fly buzz,ˇ¨ The soul of the author seemed to depart from his body and saw the whole scene above.
Furthermore, the tone of authors between ˇ§ After Deathˇ¨ and ˇ§Porphyriaˇ¦s Loverˇ¨
were different. In the poem, the authorˇ¦s tone and attitude was much calmer. She was not truly dead, however in the poemˇ¨ Porphyriaˇ¦s Loverˇ¨ the girl was truly dead. Not only so, the killer evens was the author. We can feel the force atmosphere between lines. The authorˇ¦s love was horrible. It was not true love at all!
In conclusion, I liked the poem"After Death", because I could feel the author's happiness. It was the importent element of love ^^


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