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The speaker met a treaveler who saw a broken sculpture. from the sculpture, the speaker knew the story of King Ozymandias. It seemed that King Ozymandias was a very powerful and pround King. He even built a sculpture for himself.
As time went by, the sculpture was not as complete and huge as it used to be. Only the body and legs were stood there, it's head has alrealy fallen down and half sunk the sand. In my opinion, although the king was very great while alive, he still would fad away with time.
It also gave us a sad felling that no matter how many things we have done, we were bound to die and everything would disappear. However, on the other hand,if we really did our most, there must be something left behind us. then the young generation can see our effect after our death.
Just like the King Ozymandias, he made a sculpture for himself, and we could learn his events from his sculpture. In addition, the poem told us the funtion of the art works. the art works can enture much longer than people's life and the offspirngs can learn historic evevnts by studing them.
Maybe the King was very cruel while alive,but from the poem, we knew that "Time" is much more crueler than the person himself- because it can ruin everything.


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