After Death

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After Death
In the beginning of this poem, the setting seems to suggest us that a funeral was held and the atmosphere there was solemn and serious. I can imagine the picture " curtains were half drawn, floor was swept¡K.", and it must be serious and quiet to describe how sad a funeral was. Judging from the context, the "he" in this poem was the speaker's father or lover or someone else related to the speaker, but didn't show out his true feeling, affection to the dead person when he was still alive. According to " thinking that I slept¡K", maybe the speaker's sorrow deferred him from accepting the truth that the speaker was dead, so he told himself that the speaker just slept. "Poor child, poor child" shows his pity on the dead person in the simplest words. Maybe when a person was deeply hurt, he can't say too many words, and sometimes silence could explain everything. " He turned away came a deep silence." shows that he came to the funeral alone, perhaps he didn't want anyone else to know his sorrow, but the dead person's soul actually was aware of his harm because" I knew he swept", he even didn't cry in front of the dead. And " he didn't touch the shroud¡K" tells that he didn't do any change to that dead body, so maybe he was too sad to see the dead body, not to mention to touch the cold and unconscious body. He also didn't " take my hands in his" as the common people do to the dead for the very last touch. To see a beloved person die is a very cruel thing, as a result, he left soon." He didn't love me living, but once dead he pitied me." means that when the speaker was alive, he didn't release his love to let him understand out of certain unmentioned reasons.
The last sentence suggests that after death, the speaker knew that "he" loved her, so even though he was dead, he still felt so sweet to know "he" still was warm. This gives us hint that they love each other.
To me, it is a pity that they didn't know for sure that they actually love each other when the speaker was alive, and it's too late to show their affections to each other after death. I think human beings are kind of strange animals, we will not understand how precious one thing is until we lose it. I learn from this poem that we should treasure the time spent with everyone near us.


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