A Description of The Morning

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The poem is talking primarily about common people and what they are doing in the early morning. I think this poem is very realistic. Generally speaking, poets are usually more romantic or sensitive than normal people and things through their eyes are sometimes added different meanings. In other words, they can see things in different point of views.
In the beginning of this poem, the speaker points out that " Now hardly here and there a hackney-coach appearing, showed the ruddy morn's approach." These words compare the scene in the morning of now and before. It seems to me that the speaker prefers to before than now because he can't feel the ruddy morn's approach now. Morning is the beginning of a day; however, it approaches without any liveliness and power now. As a result, how people can face morning happily and cheerfully. In the following lines, the speaker describes what some common people such as servant Betty, the slip-shod prentice, the youth, the small coal-man, duns, the turnkey, the watchful bailiffs and schoolboys doing in the morning. I am not sure. about why Betty from her master's bed had flown and softly stole to discompose her own. As for the others, they all do their daily routine in the morning. Especially for the small-coal man, his work is the most dangerous. As I said before, this poem is a realistic poem. People and things that are described in this poem are not positive, but a little bit dark and gray. In normal people's impression of morning, it is beautiful and full of life. But the speaker break out this impression, he tell us the true situation of our city. Every person just takes care of their jobs and ignores other people. They have no connection with each other. This is exactly the reason why our city becomes colder and colder. Everyone just cares about himself or herself. Even so, it seems to me that they are not happy and enjoy themselves. For instance, schoolboys "lag" with satchels in their hands. Why use the word " lag", I think schoolboy feel tired with schoolwork. They must under much pressure from themselves or their parents or peers.
I think the speaker's attitude toward city people and city life is negative. City people lead their life under much pressure. They are not happy and can't enjoy their lives, either.
His poem is an end-up poem. I think this may indicates the truth that city people are locked in this little area. They can't step out to see wider and breathe fresher air. Also, the speaker may encourage them to give up their routine temporarily and enjoy themselves in a little country.


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