A description of the morning

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A description of the morning
This poem is talking primarily about common people; most of them are worker. Morning is a good time to start working, like the slip-shod prentice, had pared the dirt round the floor. And Moll is cleaning the house. The youth began to trace the kennel- edge. The bill collectors began to dun bills. The police are on duty, children goes to school. People in this poem; start to do their duty in early morning.
This poem presents a view of London in the eighteenth century. This view of the city focuses on the beauty of the city and the people, but inside it show the dark side of the city. It seems like just telling us the busy part of the city, everybody got up early and start to work: " Now Moll had whirled her mop with dext'rous airs, prepared to scrub the entry and the stairs." I can feel the beauty in the poem, this poem have end-stopped line, and every last word in every 1~2 lines rhyme. Like "coach" "approach", "door" " floor", "trace" " place", etcĄK When I read this poem, it is like singing a song.
After I have read few times carefully, I can feel the dark side of the poem. "The turnkey now his flock returning sees, duly let out a -nights to steal for fees" The guard let the prisoner go out and steal money for himself, and let them go in the jail again in the morning. " The small- coal man was heard with cadence deep, till drowned in shriller notes of chimney- sweep:" The small- coal man here is stand for a little boy who have to work in the chimney. And this show at that time people use little boy to work in some dirty place.
Though it is an easy poem, (there isn't any hard line, which I can't understand) I still find that it is a nice poem, because it contents some ideas to let us think of. People nowadays is more realistic, they care much more about money. It seems like they can't feel the dark side of the society, even if they know I don't think they will care too much about it.


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