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When I read "Ode", I felt pity about the cat. It is because I have a cat and he was also my favorite cat. When he was born 3 weeks, my friend gave him to me. He was very cute. When he walked, he always fell down and climbed up again. When I slept, he would jump on my bed and slept by my side.
One day, he stood at the edge of the window; he shocked by a sudden voice and fell down from 5 flat. When I discovered that he fell down, I ran to find him at once.
However, it was too late. When I found him, he almost died. I can't explain my feeling, when I thought this adventure, I wanted to cry.
In this poem, the author hasn't expressed his sad, so I think he wanted to tell us another thing actually. He wanted to tell the beautiful girls don't chase something that they couldn't touch. As like as the cat, she looked at the goldfishes, and she irrational attempted to catch the fishes. It was impossible; she hasn't considered her position.
Author described the cat "The fair round face, the snowy beard. Her coat, that with the tortoise vies, Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes" He described the cat as like as beautiful women, and described their greedy "Betrayed a golden gleam" "She stretched in vain to reach the prize. What female heart can gold despise? What cat's averse to fish" It told us that all beautiful girls wanted to chase material life, What girl's averse to gold. However, author reminded us don't chase material life, it is because it is not good for us. "The slippery verge her feet beguiled, She tumbled headlong in". When you step one false is never retrieved, so we can't chase the material life, it is because it hasn't the end.


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