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PosterˇG Flora Hsiu at 12:15:14 3/17/98 from c445-15.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

The ode states a story about a cat named Selima. The poet describes every movement and action of the cat in great details. In the beginning, the vase, which is dying with blooming blue flowers, is set beside the cat. Selima, with a severe look on her face, lies down lazily to stare at the vase. Her concentration seems to take some actions. The first stanza gives me a general image and setting.
In the second stanza, the poet spotlights the more delicate expression of the cat. The personification of the cat makes the description more successful and lifelike. We seem to be on the scene to look at the cat. Selimaˇ¦s sensitive tail can show up her emotions. Her round and fat face, pure white beard, warm and thick fur of her paw, her defensive guard of body, cherish ears, green eyes, and appreciating purr reveal her pleasant mind. The goldfishes are reflected through the water of the vase by the light. The goldfishes are just the fancy of the cat. The fish in the mind of the cat are the angel, the prize, and the most delicious food in the heaven. She misunderstands the imaginary fish to be her valuable. Her stretch his paw to take the action to catch her game. However, her self-assertion, pride, arrogance, and stubbornness make her go to the way of failure. She stumbles and falls in the stream. She tries again and again to achieve her goal, but in vain. She canˇ¦t see the truth because her mind is blind. Nobody help her. Poor and cute guy. Because of a little step and decision, she brings about herself her failure. If she can be more prudent and careful, she will get what she should get.


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