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Ray Schulte
About "A Description of Morning"
The plot of "A Description of the Morning" runs smoothly like a story with time and settings. The morning in the poem starts with lots of people's work-the time begins with Betty's action, and then goes on like water; the setting in the poem moves from inside to outside, what we see gets wider and wider. Besides, in my opinion, the atmosphere Swift creates becomes from lazy to sad-the description he has about the lower class shows the readers how harder and harder they earn money. What is ironic, readers finally focus on the contrast between the schoolboys & flock and schoolboys & shriller. Though streams with the humor, the poem loyally gives readers the picture of society at that time-the way Swift probes into the lower class is deeper and deeper.
The construction of the poem, "A Description of the Morning," is simple and direct. In my imagination: to echo the word, "Description," in the topic, Swift would get up early one day and take a walk around, recording whatever he saw in his trip. Of course, he chose what he wanted to argue with; all that he mentioned is not a noble man would see and concentrate on. Briefly speaking, Swift picks up one most impartial aspect to describe the scenes of one morning: a descriptive style of poem.
When it comes to the figure of the poem, Swift uses the adjectives of human emotions and behavior to delineate the lifeless things, such as "ruddy" morning and "dext'rous" airs, both of which, in fact, depict Betty and Moll. Secondly, the readers would find out the poet's humor-how could a person fly and what is Betty doing-paring or sprinkling the dirt? In this way, Swift makes readers start reading the poems easily and loosely. However, just by means of the great difference readers see later in the poem, he puts readers to be faced with the truth and feel it without hiding. The rhyme of the poem runs like "AABBCCDDEEFFGGHHHH," which follows the style Swift writes the poem: story. But what I think it is significant that the four lines those rhyme is "H"-it does be the cool point readers see the dark side of the society then.
There is only one question I have about the poem-what kind of motive drove Swift to write the poem and what on earth happened to his society then?


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