The flea

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In this poem, the flea is used to talk
the woman into making love with the speaker.
"Me it sucked first, and now sucks thee, And in
this flea our two bloods mingled be;" He said
that since you might be pregnant anyway, why not
go to bed with me? Our bloods mixed together now,
and that means we had some kind of relationship.
Though you lose your maidenhead, it's no big deal!
"Yet this enjoys before it woo," Does "this" means
the flea? The flea enjoys the rapture and it
needn't woo. The flea is so lucky that it can
have the ecstasy that the speaker can't have and
it doesn't spend time courting the woman! "And
pampered swells with one blood made of two, And
this, alas, is more than we would do." This
describes the satisfaction of the flea. The flea
swelled because it sucked the bloods of two. Then
the speaker sighed. This little flea can enjoy
the pleasure of sex but not us! It obtains more
than us!
Conceit is any fanciful, ingenious expression
or idea, but especially one in the form of an
extended metaphor. The flea is the woman, the
speaker and the marriage bed. The speaker told
the woman not to kill the flea because this is a
self-murder! If the woman kill the flea, she
might commit three sins. The swelling flea is
the pregnancy, in my mind. If she killed the
swelling flea, that means she killed their own
But she still killed the flea, cruel and
sudden. The speaker said, how could you do this
to a blameless flea? That flea is not guilty at
all! It just sucked one drop of your blood, and
you put it to death? One drop of blood is no big
deal. Your purple nail slaughtered the blood of
innocence. Why the speaker use "purple?" Purple
is the symbol of aristocratic and noble. But I
still can't understand why he used purple. He also
said only the woman yielded to him that the death
of the flea is not wasted. Because of fear, you
killed that flea. But there is nothing to be afraid
of. The speaker still tried to coax her. The
swelling flea is their precious baby, but the
woman's cruelty made the flea died. Only by
mixing their bloods again can they have another
baby. That's why the speaker tried to urge her
by means of the flea.
Men will try everything to seduce women to
go to bed with them. Did they really do it
because of love? I don't think so. Most men can
do it without love. They just have that impulsion
or sudden urge and they would say anything to woo
women. So, don't trust any man unless you feel
he is serious. But how can I tell? That's a hard


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