To His Coy Mistress

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Journal for ˇ§To His Coy Mistressˇ¨
This poem is a dramatic monologue. The speaker of this poem is a man., and he is speaking to his coy mistress. He wants to persuade her to have a sexual relationship with him. It seems to me that the speaker is so eager to own his loverˇ¦s body that he writes this poem for her.
In the firs stanza, the speaker thinks that he and his lover have world enough and time, and they would sit down, and think which way to talk, and pass their long loveˇ¦s day. By the way, the speaker uses some exaggerated means to praise her from line 13 to 20. I think the speaker wants to let her know how much and how long he loves her. Years and years he will love her until the last age when she shows her heart. From these two sentences ˇ§For lady you deserve this state, Nor would I love at lower rate.ˇ¨, I feel the speaker is really good at saying sweet words although this is just a means of him to persuade her to have intercourse with him. I have a question that why the speaker says, ˇ§I would love you ten years before the Flood.ˇ¨ Why ˇ§tenˇ¨ years? Why ˇ§beforeˇ¨ the ˇ§Floodˇ¨? Are there any special meanings behind the words? Wonˇ¦t he love her after the flood?
In the second stanza, the speakerˇ¦s tone changes. Unlike the first stanza, the speaker is tender; however, he shows his real motivation in the second stanza. From these two sentences ˇ§ But at my back I always hear timeˇ¦s winged chariot hurrying
Nearˇ¨, we know that he is aware of time. He thinks that time fleets and if she still insists keeping her virginity, they will never have a chance to do their embrace. Then itˇ¦s a big pity for the speaker himself even when he is in the grave.
In the third stanza, the speaker tries to persuade his lover by a logical statement. He says that they should seize the day , they should enjoy their life while they are still young and energetic. As for the mistress, she is always silent in this poem. This may indicates that when dealing with love, women are always defensive, and men are always active. I think the last two sentences ˇ§ Thus, though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we make him run.ˇ¨ Suggests the speakerˇ¦s view of love. Although their love cannot be eternal, at least theyˇ¦ve owned with each other for one time.


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