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After reading the " Porphyria' s lover " I felt so scare. It seems like a murder case has just happen before my eyes. At first, I feel very confuse why the narrator slay the one he love? What did porphyria had done to make the cause? What is the relationship between the weather and the killing? ˇK After reading it again and again, and with some discussion. I finally can understand why!
In the first time, I have jump in the narrator shoes. But after jumping out. I find that the narrator has intensive problem, so he had done so unroll thing. In his own feeling, he doesn't think killing his lover is a bad thing to do. Instead he think that it is a good way to keep his lover, maybe thinking this is the only way to set her free. In the poem, he thinks that Porphyria loves him so much but couldn't set her passion free. " Murmuring how she loved me - she too weak, for all her heart's endeavor, to set its struggling passion free from prideˇK"
This poem is written in first narrator view so all the stanza is written in his own point of view. In the beginning, he talk about the weather I guess it is just letting us (reader) have some scary feeling in the first place. As I have said before the poem is written in first narrator view, so I can't see any Porphyria 's feeling. At first, I don't know why Porphyria is being strangled, but she seems like willing to be killed, no action of getting away. Now I know that it is all the narrator feeling, so maybe she want to go away or maybe not who know.
At last, I have got a problem. I don't actually know why the author writes this kind of poem? All I can guess is that; maybe he want to show us that people in that period always hide their feeling, their passion inside of themselves, especially women. Even nowadays, people will hide their real feeling, just because of their proud and vain. Just like the poem " My last duchess". The Dutch is so proud of himself, never condescend himself to show his feeling inside. This poem seems to tell us by scaring us that we shouldn't keep our feeling inside. We need to partake it with people.
The author use run - on line, because it will keep the story goes on. Make us think he is a normal guy. He just wants to keep his love (Porphyria) by his side. Porphyria is said to be a bad girl, that she is like wind and rain (can't stay long) " So, she was come through wind and rain" because of this reason, he chose to kill her so he can always keep his love by his side. His love will be obedient forever.


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