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After reading so many poems, I thought I would be brighter when trying to analyze a poem, but I don¡¦t. I¡¦m still slow. It seems getting harder rather than easier for me to do a journal. I hope I¡¦m not a thickhead!
It¡¦s hard for me to find out what the ancient poets thought, but I think John Donne was definitely a interesting, but kind of evil guy. The desire made he created such a fresh metaphysical conceit. Living in a traditional and conservative epoch like that, it was very sinful to have sex before marriage. And that why the speaker said, ¡§Cloistered in these living walls of jet.¡¨ The morals were invisible restriction to them. Although I don¡¦t agree with the speaker, I still have to admit that: he was good at persuading in this marvelous conceit.
The mistress was afraid to be pregnant if their blood mingled, but the speaker was skillful to persuade her to sleep with him. The flea first sucked the blood of the speaker, then the mistress¡¦. The flea was so free; it just did what it wanted to do ¡V to suck blood. The speaker thought they should be as free as the flea, and do what they (or merely he) wanted. For I don¡¦t quite get the main idea of this poem, so I¡¦m unable to talk about it line by line, although I wish I could.
Both the blood of the speaker and the mistress were in the flea, there were three types of blood, including the flea¡¦s, so the speaker said, ¡§three lives in one flea.¡¨ It would be cruel to kill the flea, so he said, ¡§three sins in killing three.¡¨ The speaker thought the flea was innocent, and the mistress should have spared it. According to the last three lines, he thought it was not necessary to be afraid of intercourse. The reason she denied him was out of her insistence of maidenhood. She would lost the honor if she was no longer pure.
Why the speaker chose ¡§flea,¡¨ instead of ¡§mosquito?¡¨ I¡¦m just curious. Was there any specific reason? As the writer had died for hundreds of years, I wouldn¡¦t have the chance to ask him face to face.


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