The Flea

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After I read this poem, I thought that it seem a metaphor.
The speaker did not tell the woman(his lover) somethings directly
but described by a flea. In the first stanza, I think that the
speaker feel that he was so small in the woman's heart, in this way,
he might describe himself as a flea.
Then the flea sucked the speaker and the woman, the bloods mixed
in the flea's body. In my opinion, the sentence symbolized somethings.
The speaker wanted to woo the woman and he explained that it was not a
sin or shame or loss of maidenhead. I think it is funny, why did mix
the bloods will be considered that loss of maidenhead. In such a way,
in that times the people could not give a transfusion each other. It
is just my funny idea. In the last two sentences "pampered swells with
one blood made of two" I suppose that "swells" mean pregnancy. And it
was produced by the speaker and the woman' bloods. However, the speaker
said that it is more than we would do, I think that the speaker just wanted
to get along with the woman or he was a liar
In the second stanza, the speaker said that there were three lives in the
flea, one is the speaker, the other is the woman, the still other is the
live which they produced. The speaker symbolized that the flea made them
combine together. The flea was their marriage bed and the marriage temple.
We can feel that the speaker wanted to own the woman extremely. The speaker
hoped that the woman not to refuse his love. The speaker consider that they
have overcome many difficulties like the parents' grudge or the woman had the
tendency to kill him. And he said that there were three sins if the woman kill
the flea which included the speaker and the woman' bloods.
However, the woman still refuse the speaker, she killed the flea with her nail
becoming purple. The speaker felt sorry about the flea, he did not know what guilt
did the flea has. It also meant the speaker' emotions. At that moment all the hopes
were broken when the flea was killed by the woman. But the following sentences were
difficult for me to understand. I do not know what the speaker meant? Did he give up
or did he change his attitude? I hope someone will be glad to help me. H...elp.


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