Paul's Case

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Name: Tina Wang 
Course: Literature 
Instructor: Kate Liu 

Paul*s Case 

The setting of the story is mainly on Cordelia Street, the place where 

Paul was raised up. To Paul, he didn*t feel that he belonged to this 

environment he was living. He had often hung about the hotel and watch 

those wealthy people in and out. For he had been longing to enter and 

leave school-master and dull care behind him forever. He hated the 

monotonous life everyone was living. To him, only arts can set his heart 

free. He thought that it was the theater and Garnegie Hall where he really 

lived, the rest to him was but a sleep and a forgetting. Actually, Paul 

himself believed that he doesn*t belong to Cordelia Street at all. This 

result made himself almost totally rely on arts, and he had imagined entry 

into New York a thousand times, to be in that kind of atmosphere. 

Since Paul believed that he doesn*t belong to Cordelia Street. In 

other word he contempt and look down on people. He wanted to revealed 

out his feelings in order to show that he was really not part of this 

environment. That*s why all of the teachers got so mad. Besides he 

impertinence and disorder , he let all the teachers felt the contemptuous. 

For example, once when his English teacher was trying to guide his hand, 

he violently rejected. This had been an insult that it was definitely 

personal and hard to forget. 

It said in the story that when his father and teachers told the theater 

to find another person as an upshot to take Paul*s place, he felt that they 

had taken his bone away. Arts were everything to Paul for he could find 

so many comforts in them. Without arts he felt he was just like a shell 

with no feelings and minds. That*s why he stole money from the stock 

company to chase after his dream. He felt that only music, drama or 

anything related to arts which symbolized upper class can make him 

relived. Because he loved the brilliant site on the stage, it had always been 

his dream to live like that. He admired those who doesn*t need to worry 

about financial support and enjoy their life completely which means they 

can enjoy as much arts as they wanted. Actually, I think Paul had always 

lived in his own world and couldn*t face the reality that he was from the 

Cordelia Street. He was so attracted to the novel life that he desired to 

live like that even he knew it won*t be last long. 

Paul committed suicide at the end of this story. In my opinion, I 

think that*s because his realization of facts at last. It mentioned that the 

news that he stole the money from the company and ran away had been 

announced on the newspaper in the film. Moreover, his father even came 

to the hotel to find him. Paul realized that facts will not change , and he 

knew very clear that he would never go back to live the same life he used 

to. However, by the time he jumped off, he regretted. After reading this 

story, I think the way Paul deal with things is just like a coward for he 

couldn*t receive the facts and ran away*.