I'm nobody! Who are you?

Poster¡G Nancy Zju at 11:49:40 11/19/97 from c549-12.svdcc.fju.edu.tw
The author, Emily Dickinson, her background 
bring her much pressure to her life, and affect 
the things which she wanted to decided by herself. 
So the "Nobody" in this poem is symbolic of the 
people that she always wanted to be. 
Although her life was very rich, she still 
couldn't find the things that can satisfy her mind 
, so she felt hollow in her life. Therefore, she 
thought that it was better to be a "Nobody"than a 
In the first stanza, the fourth line, we can 
find that the society was full of toadies. The 
rich and higher graded people was surrounded by 
these people. And the ordinary people were always 
So I think that the author didn't want to be 
disturbed by the nonsense things. She hoped that 
she can be a nobody. If she were a nobody, she 
could do all the things which she liked. 
Because she knew that finding a person whose 
mind match her idea was very difficult in that 
society.So she created one person in her poem 
that she can express her feeling to her friend in 
this poem. 
She described the public people to the frog. 
That's very interesting. For the public people 
always speak loudly in order to attract everyone's 
attention, and the ordinary people only can be the 
audience of them, listening to the public people's 
complain and nonsense speaking. So she said "To 
an admiring Bog!"