The useage og Images

Poster¡G Hedy Tsai at 19:37:4 12/28/97 from
In this unit, the poem impressed me most was "In a Station of the Metro", which only has two lines, a complete sentence. 
As we know, poetry is a kind of condensed language, and this poem is the best example. In this poem, the speaker used lots of images to show the indifference of modern world concretely. First of all, the word "apparition" showed that the faces of the people in the station. Probably because of the rainy day or something else, the scene of the station is faint, so we couldn't see the facial expression of people clearly. But you may draw a picture in your mind that people in all directions hurry for where they want to go. You even can't see a smile on their faces. Of course, they don't care about things around them, which is the characteristic of modern world. 
As for the literary technique, I found there was no verb in this poem. Several nouns make the poem, which are apparition, faces, crowd, petals and bough. The faces are compared to petals in the second line. In my opinion, I think the black bough was not only compared to the long train but also showed though these people are indifferent and they didn't care about other things except themselves, they still have something in common---- they all live in the very world. In other words, the bough also means the world we are in. 

Another impressive poem is "Harlem". From this poem, I found that maybe U.S.A is a paradise for all kinds of people but not for African-Americans at that time. As we know, Harlem is a large African-American community in New York City. In Harlem, what they have is crime, robbery, poverty, drug abuse and fighting. They can't afford to improve their living standard, which was only a dream to them. In the poem, the speaker used some words positive, such as fester, sore, stink and rotten meat to compare to the degeneration of Negroes. In the first line, the speaker used "deferred" to show what happened to their dream. And "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun" also shows that the dream was deferred. Though their dream---- to get rid of racial discrimination and to be equally treated in laws---- still doesn't come true, they still looked forward it and didn't lose their confidence---- because the first line was "What happened to a dream deferred" instead of shattered. 
Besides, their dream is like a juicy and round grape becoming a raisin just because of being deferred. "Maybe it just sags like a heavy load." In this sentence, it shows the burden of the African-Americans. They are faced with financial problems and discrimination, which are their burdens. The last sentence is impressive, which is ended with a question mark. Maybe they don't want to suffer any more and try to be against. That's why it "explodes".